Names and addresses by state at time of service of all who served in the 264th Anti-Tank Company during World War II

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The following officers were, at one time or another, in the Anti-Tank Company, except as noted. No address at time of service in the Anti-Tank Company is known, with the one exception shown..

Clark, Addison L., Capt. RFD Andover, Connecticut (Capt. Clark was the first company commander of the Anti-Tank Company, as a 1st Lt., before transferring first to Hq., 264th, then to Co. F, 264th)

George, Edward C., 2nd Lt.

Herrington, Oscar, Jr., 1st Lt., Left unit while in Camp Rucker, AL.
Kasilak, Andrew E., 2nd Lt.

Overstreet, Lewis D., 2nd Lt., Left unit while in Camp Robinson or Camp Rucker.

Schick, Walter J. L., 2nd Lt.

Tator, William A., Jr., 2nd Lt.

Tucker, 2nd Lt., believed to have left unit while in Camp Robinson, Little Rock, AR. 

Yensen, 2nd Lt., Left unit while in Camp Rucker, AL.

A Lt. Harris was in the Anti-Tank Company during the early part of basic training at Camp Blanding, Florida. He later transferred to another company in the division. He may have been one of the following. It is believed he lived in Princeton, KY, during his high school days. The following officers named Harris were in the 66th Division. It is unknown if the Lt. Harris in question is one of them.
Harris, Charles C., 2nd Lt., I Co., 264th
Harris, Charles T., Sr., 1st Lt., Hq. Co., 1st Bn., 264th 
Harris, George M., 1st Lt., M Co., 263rd
Harris, Robert  P., 1st Lt., Hq., 1st Bn., 264th

William J. Scanlon, Jr., Mine Platoon, Anti-Tank company, 264th, was killed in action near Lorient, France. His address at the time of military service is unknown. Therefore, he is not listed under any of the state listings. 

Not listed due to names not being shown in the 66th Division book published in 1945, from which most of the above data was taken. Heller, Theodore, Tech Sgt., Mess Sgt. 

Heller, , Pvt. or Pfc, driver in the motor pool, left unit while in Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Little Rock, AR. 

Eddy, , Sgt, Cadre, believed to have left unit while in Camp Joseph t. Robinson, Little Rock, AR.

Dayton, Sydney, S/Sgt. or Sgt., Cadre , from California, left unit while in Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Little Rock, AR.

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